About us

We are group of Christians   meeting in the suburb of Point Clare. We believe that we are people saved by the grace of God and forgiven. We want to share the good news  of Jesus Christ through word and deed. We welcome all to join us to know Jesus. We are part of the Parish of Gosford and the Diocese of Newcastle.

Our beliefs

God loves you and offers a life that is meaningful and eternal.

We believe that God speaks through his word the Bible.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the God Almighty who came as a human being to save us.

We believe God imparts his gifts through his Spirit and continues to do so

We believe we should love everyone by word and deed. It  does not matter whether they agree with us or not. We will not hate you. If you attend our church and feel unloved, please make a formal complaint to the pastor who will refer it on to the manager (God)

We believe children are big part of the church and wonderful to have. More noise the better!!

We believe Satan is real and causes lots of problem for people. Some people are influenced by him. looking at you Islamic State, Child Abusers, Drug Dealers, Those who abuse their spouses and Internet trolls.

Please note;

We will not kiss you during peace and you don’t have to tell you life story to everyone who greets you.

The Pastor is not a cross dresser, his white gown is called  cassock and he wears a stole which looks like a scarf  according to the church seasons. No he did not borrow the brightly colored stoles from the church ladies.

We will not hassle you to friend us on Facebook and stalk you on twitter.

No we don’t pay you to come to church, the plate is for you to put money in, not take it out. If you are willing to  pay $60 an hour for therapy,  we are very  sure you can afford to put $20 for us to make you  feel all warm and cuddly inside.

No we are not a child care center please don’t drop and go.





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